About Tek’ila Tek’ila Fiesta Latina Prague

A star is born as Tek’ila Tek’ila brings a unique new venue to Prague. Staffed by a team who know their goal and are determined to deliver the very best to you, our guests.

Tek’ila Tek’ila, the very best drinks, happy lively Latino music, a party zone, and real Mexican food prepared by Mexican chefs.

Tek’ila Tek’ila is a venue for everyone, locals, expats, tourists and of course all our Latino friends- you are all invited to party with us at Rytířská 4. The music will have you dancing, the food will set your taste buds alight, and the drinks will be off of the radar!

We have the most extensive selection of Tequilas & Mezcals in town all in an environment that reflects to color, diversity & vibrancy of Mexico and its people.

Our interior design was brought to reality by two wonderful Mexican superstars, Natalia Faz Esparza and Alejandra Nunez. Come and see Natalia’s giant amazing mural and grab a selfie.

Let’s get this party started guys & girls and as our Latino team say- Go Latino Go Crazy or Go Home!

For the latest, follow us on Instagram @ t e k i l a p r a g u e.